Resident Opening Act for Andy Dick 
Performed at 2014 Festival Supreme
National Tour Fall 2014 (Dates)
Performed with comics such as: Judah Friedlander, Bobcat Goldthwait, Eric Andre, Jonah Ray, Rick Shapiro, Brendan Small, Trevor Moore
Comic/Lead - "Virgin Money" (Australia National TV Spot)
Dancing Sandwich - "Quizno's Lunchtime Rush" (Online)
Boyfriend/Lead - "" (Online)
Guy with Too Many Bumper Stickers - "Ford Fiesta" (Online)
Bearded Lady - "Zumiez Couch Tour" (Online)

Crew Guy/Easter Bunny/Various - "Awesomeness TV" - Season 2 (Nickelodeon)
Self - "The Flabby Hoffman Comedy Hour - Ep. 9/17/2014 (Chicago Channel 19)

Self - "The Mancow Show" - Ep.'s 9/16/14, 9/17/14 (Chicago Channel 51)
Sean Lennon - "The Mancow Show" - Ep.'s 9/12/14, 9/15/14, 9/16/14 (Chicago Channel 51)
Self - "The Andy Dick Program" - Episode 05/19//2014 (T-Radio-V)
Self - "The Eli Braden Show" - Episode 01/16/2014 (FilmOnTV)
Self - "First at Four with Rachel Barnhart" - Episode 12/19/2013 (Rochester Channel 8)

Patrick - "Auditions" (2011 Short dir. Wesley Whiteside)
Patrick /Lead - "Patrick Goes to Hollywood" (2013 Short dir. Mike Gamms) 
Mike G - "Reseda Blvd" (2014 Feature dir. Marco Ponta)
Mike - "Little Yellow Bird" (2015 Feature dir. Cory Callahan)

Extreme Skinny Jean Guy - 1 Episode (Man Made's #ManUp with Thomas Lennon)

Mike / Host - 3 Episodes (The Mike and Dyke Metal Show 2012-Current)
Annoying Delta Employee - "Airline Fees" (The Best Show in the Universe 2013)
Deli Worker - "Single Shopping" (CollegeHumorOriginals 2013)
Annoying Movie Goer - "How to Watch a Movie" (The Best Show in the Universe 2013)
White Roommate - "Roommates" (All Def Digital's The Green Room 2013)

Lead - Sarantos - "We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve (Antihero 2015)
Drummer - The Fruitbats - "You're Too Weird" (Sub Pop 2012)
Hipster Party Guest (Speaking)  - Awkward Kids - "First World Christmas Problems" (BiteSize 2013)
Birthday Clown  - MadMoni - "Epic Fail" (AwesomenessTV 2013)

Andy Dick (, The Andy Dick Program)
Maddox (The Best Show in the Universe)
Bill Swift (Man Rules: A Guide to Manliness)


Sarantos - We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve
Music Video (2015)
Directed by Edward Payson

Role : Lead

Mike Gamms @ 50 First Jokes at the Roosevelt Hotel
Live Appearance

Michael "Moonwolf" Gamms @ Bar Kada LV
Live Appearance

Festival Supreme with The Eagles of Death Metal
Live Appearance

Mike Gamms opening for Andy Dick at The Pig n Whistle
Live Appearance

LIVE at South Park Tavern (Dayton, Ohio)
Live Appearance

LIVE at the Mint (Los Angeles, CA)
Live Appearance

The Eli Braden Show
Filmon TV (12/20/2013)
Live Appearance

The First at Four with Rachel Barnhart
Rochester Channel 8 (12/20/2013)
Live Appearance

Virgin Money Australia - Stand Up Comedian Fail
Australian National TV Spot (2013-Current)
Written by / Starring : Mike Gamms
Role: Lead

The Mike and Dyke Metal Show
Web Series (2012-Current)
Created by Mike Gamms and Dani D'Ambra
Written and Directed by Mike Gamms
Role : "Mike"

Season 1 Episode 1: Vita Lusty

Season 1 Episode 2: Tenacious Adam

Season 1 Episode 1: Margarita

Patrick Goes to Hollywood
Short Film (2013)
Written and Directed by Mike Gamms
Role : "Patrick"

CollegeHumor - How To Shop For Groceries Like You're Not Single
Short (2014)
Directed by Matt Pollack

Role : Deli Worker

The Best Show in the Universe
Web Series (2013-Current)

Season 3 Episode 3:
Role: "Annoying Popcorn Eater"

Season 3 Episode 2:
Role: "Annoying Airlines Employee"

Awkward Kids - First World Christmas Problems
Music Video (2013)
Directed by 5 Second Films

Role : Hipster Partier

Ford Fiesta Movement - I've Owned A lot of Cars
Web Commercial  (2013)
Directed by Alex Goyette

Role : Guy with Too Many Bumper Stickers

Mad Moni - Epic Fail
Music Video (2013)
Directed by Alex Goyette

Role : Clown

Short Film (2010)
Directed by Wesley Whiteside
Role : Patrick

Student Film - Auditions from Columbia College on Vimeo.

Bad Stand up Comedian Bombs
Short Film (2011)
Directed by Wesley Whiteside
Written by Welsey Whiteside and Mike Gamms
Role : Stand Up Comedian

Awkward Impressions
"Kurt Cobain"

"Kid Rock"


Mike Looks Like a Creeper Photo of the Week

"Mike goes to a Strip Club"

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