Strawberry Girls : Doing Things Differently (Substream Music Press)
iwrestedabearonce : Whatever the Fuck They Want! (Substream Music Press)
JUDAS PRIEST's ROB HALFORD - The Original God of Metal (Screamer Magazine 6/13 Cover)
RIVAL SONS - The New Kings of Rock and Roll (Screamer Magazine)
Interview with Maddox, creator of "Best Page in the Universe" (Nuvox Radio)
Q and A with Author Toby Young (8th-Circuit)
VAN’S WARPED TOUR 2013 – featuring Craig Owens and Chiodos (Screamer Magazine)
Interview with "Buffalo Lockjaw"Author, Greg Ames (Nuvox Radio)
NEW LIBERTY - Rock n' Roll Isn't Dead Yet (Screamer Magazine)
Interview with LA's HEY YOU! (Novux Radio)

"Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years" : a Film Review (Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend)
Classic Movie Review: 17 Reasons 'Airheads' Kicks Ass (Walk the Plank)
Is Sammy Hagar's Super Group Worth Seeing? - A Chickenfoot Review (Nuvox Radio)
Will Ferrell Loves Old Milwaukee, Or Atleast That's What He's Telling the Swedes (8th- Circuit)
20 Reasons I'll Never See "Rock of Ages" (Nuvox Radio)
'Grown Ups 2' is Happening, Whether You Like it or Not (8th- Circuit)
Review of LOWKEY - Forward (Screamer Magazine)
JJ Abrams Releases the First Footage from 'Star Trek 2', Surprises No One (8th-Circuit)
Review of ABC's 'The Bachelor Pad' (Nuvox Radio)
'TDK' Cinematographer Wally Pfister Fists Marvel, Calls 'The Avengers' Appalling Film (8th-Circuit)
Streelight Manifesto with Hostage Calm and Lionize : A Review (Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend)

Top 10 Celebrity Run-Ins of 2014 (Restless Nites)
"No Win For Me Today"
"The Next Morning"
"Another Night in Hollywood"
"Fear and Loathing on the 15 North"
"Even Winners Can Be Losers"
That Time I Started A White Trash Turf War
How I Got Punched in the Balls By A Grown Woman, and Other Buffalo Bills Debauchery
That Time I Got Choked Out By a 70 Year Old Gas Station Attendant
That One Time I Got Arrested
Bucket List Part 1 - Things I Wanna Do Before I Die
Father of the Year?
How's It Possible to Have Worse Game Than Me?\
I Hate People Who Hate Things
Is There Anything More Sad Than a Man Over 30?
Anyone That Ever Wrote A Blog is a Douchebag.

Andy Dick (, The Andy Dick Program)
Maddox (The Best Show in the Universe)
Bill Swift (Man Rules: A Guide to Manliness)

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