Monday, October 27, 2014

Comedian - Mike Gamms @ Festival Supreme (10/25/14)

So....I suppose it's time I share the real story of my glorious appearance at Festival Supreme. I met with the Eagles Of Death Metal and was supposed to run on stage during their set in my underwear pretending to be a crazed fan. I was going to grab the microphone and start yelling whatever craziness I could think of, until the lead singer,Jesse Hughes, smashed a prop breakable beer bottle over my head. What happened instead is, I ran on stage and in true Mike Gamms fashion, I immediately tripped over my own two feet and face planted, nearly knocking over the bass player, and completely smashing the breakable bottle in the process. I then got up and tried to keep going, but considering I was wearing cowboy boots and nervous as all hell, I face planted for a second time in as many seconds. I finally was able to regain my balance, do an awkward little juke move to avoid running into the singer, and sprinted off stage for a total of 8 seconds of stage time. At first, I was pretty embarrassed about this. Especially after my friends repeatedly reminded me that they forfeited having a good spot to watchTenacious D in order to see my "performance." But considering my entire comedic career is comprised of me intentionally (and unintentionally) embarrassing myself to make people laugh, it turned out better than I ever could have planned. I may have only graced (disgraced) the stage for 8 seconds, but rest assured my Festival Supreme career has only just begun. Thanks to everyone who came out and watched, and thanks to everyone for your continued support! Love you all. xoxo - Mike

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